Top 3 skins with 40% chance of the December 2023

A selection of three very juicy CS2 skins with a high drop chance, which we were able to find using the DropRates service.

Before diving into the details, we remind you that the DropRates service analyzes case opening sites where the chances of dropping a particular CS2 skin are indicated. We compare the cost of these skins with the current price on the CS2 market and thereby provide you with access to search for the best deals among all sites.

At the same time, we do not set odds on case opening sites and cannot be responsible for the result of opening CS2 cases. DropRates informs you about the best odds on the market, and then you make your own decision based on your trust in one or another case opening site.

The first skin we'll look at in this top is the ★ StatTrak™ Shadow Daggers | Scorched (BS) priced from $200 with a drop chance of 49%. There are only 4 such knives on the Steam Community Market, and their price can either sharply rise or sharply fall. The last recorded price on external platforms such as started at $333. This skin drops from the Half Moon case on the DatDrop website.

The second is the stunning ★ Karambit | Tiger Tooth (FN) with a price tag of $329 and a drop chance of 40%. This beauty drops from the Fact or Cap case on the Clash gg website.

The last and most attractive skin in our top is the AWP | Medusa (WW) priced at over $1900 with a drop chance of 40%. This top-tier AWP drops from the High Roller case on the DatDarop website.

In conclusion, let's review the skins from this top 3:


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