Free CS2 skins on HellCase in 2023

A simple guide on how to get free CS2 skins on HellCase in 2023 with basic mechanics of the site.

It's no secret that anyone can get free CS2 skins daily on HellCase. To do this you just need to fulfill the special conditions to receive daily free bonuses.

Change your Steam avatar or make a deposit

  1. Change your steam avatar with Hellcase. Click to download an avatar and set it on your Steam profile
  2. TOP UP your balance for $5. Refill for a total of at least this amount within 30 days

Change your Steam profile to Public

Your Steam Profile and Game Data must be set to public

Since you will fulfill these conditions, you will get daily free loot with 1 of 3 random drop options:

  1. Free CS2 random skins
  2. Free random amount of money to your balance
  3. Free random amount of the HellCase War Tags

Check if you available to get free skins and other bonuses on Hellcase here.


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