New case in CS2: Kukri Knife on the horizon?

In the latest update, a new Kukri knife was found in the game files. We believe that this also hints at the arrival of a new case from which this knife can be obtained.

❓ Why do we expect a new case?

  • The long break: The last case in CS2 was released more than 9 months ago, which significantly exceeds the usual cycle for releasing new cases.
  • Calm before the next major: Now is the perfect time to add new content to the game, considering a several months calm period before the next major event.
  • Historical precedents: In the past, the introduction of new types of knives often coincided with the release of new cases, which strengthens our assumptions.

These facts together form a convincing basis for expecting the imminent arrival of a new case in CS2 and the long-awaited Kukri knife. Be ready for the appearance of new items and earning opportunities!

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