Which CS2 Case Will Be Removed Next?

Many experts in the CS2 skins community believe that the Fracture Case will be the next to be removed from the game.And yes, this seems quite logical, as it is currently the oldest case in active drop with a high probability. But there is one caveat - cases are not always removed in the order of their release.

Let's assume that the Clutch Case was not removed for five years, despite the fact that after its release there came 8 new cases and 3 operation cases. It wasn't removed for one reason - it remained at the top of case openings among all cases for all that time and was significantly ahead of the rest. It was profitable for the developers to keep it as long as possible, plus it was a glove case and at that time there was a very high demand for them.

Now, remember that at this point, the case released after Fracture was Snakebite Case. We don't count operation cases, because operation cases do not affect the drop. This is important information because if we look at the statistics of case openings, we can see that the Fracture Case is opened 55% more often than the Snakebite Case.

This means that, based on basic principles of revenue, it would be more advantageous for the company to move the Snakebite Case into the rare drop category. Moreover, the knives from Fracture Case are only duplicated in the Shattered Web case, which has very few openings.

On the other hand, the gloves from Snakebite Case also appear in two other cases, one of which is the Recoil Case, which was released a year and a half later and will remain in active drop for a long time, plus it’s opened more often.

Therefore, based on these facts, it would be more logical to remove the Snakebite from active drop, not the Fracture Case. But remember, Valve as a company very rarely does something logical, so going out and buying up cases without thinking is a bad idea. However, distributing risks more wisely for long-term purchasing and not going all in on Fracture, if you already have done so, seems to be a more correct line of thought.

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