Free skins on Key-Drop in 2023

Top 3 ways to get free skins on KeyDrop in 2023. Use this guide and upgrade your CS2 inventory with some free skins.

There is 3 official ways to get something free on KeyDrop and the 4th, a complicated one. We will not touch on the fourth option in this article. Let's start with making free gold on Key-Drop. It's the the easiest option for obtaining internal currency on the site right now.

Free Gold for Key Drop

In the user profile section there is a Free Gold tab. Inside you will find more than 15 missions that mostly involve social media activities in Facebook, twitter, Steam, Instagram and YouTube. By completing them all, you can earn 489 gold.

One mission in this tab is about sharing your promo code and getting refrerrals (by completing it, you can additionaly get $31). You can also use the Golden Code to get extra gold from it.

Key-Drop Affilate system

The second option to get free skins on Key Drop is the affilate system. You can find it out in the user profile section, same as Free Gold tab. The principle of receiving a bonus is quite simple and familiar to everyone who has come across similar sites. Create your own promotional code and distribute it on all social networks.

The more players you can attract to the site, the greater your reward will be. You can spend the funds received on the website to receive skins. If you are a content creator, you can get in touch with KeyDrop representatives and make some extra bonus for promoting Key Drop in your content.

Free daily cases on KeyDrop

Another obvious way to get free CS2 skins on the site is through the daily free case. To get access to daily free cases you need to fulfill several conditions. The main steps include setting a keyDrop avatar on Steam. Among others, the deposit of a certain amount recently and the opening of cases.


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