Black Lotus CS2 Reworks hits Steam Market

CS2 Skins are being redesigned and USP-S Black Lotus is just a begining.

It's no secret that the weapon models in CS2 and CS:GO differ significantly, and because of this, it is impossible to transfer skins with complex patterns onto the new models. For this reason, skin creators have to redraw their masterpieces.

Recently, the creator of the Usp-s Black Lotus item showcased an updated version of the skin and it looks vastly better than its old version! Players have already started buying it up and the price of the item has increased!

The changes are more than significant, and there's a chance that Valve might not accept such work and may require maximum similarity to the skin version from CS:GO, therefore there's a risk of losing some of the investment's balance. Keep in mind, it might be just a start of the long-term process of the CS2 skins reworking.

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