CS2 Case Opening for dummies

Welcome to the world of CS2, where opening cases can bring you pleasure and even profit from expensive and rare skins. In this guide we will share with you some common tips and strategies for the case opening in CS2.

Here is 7 steps to know before you even start open cases in CS2. No matter, in-game or on special sites.

1. Understand the system behind a CS2 Case Opening:

  • Define what you want to get (fun, profit or both)
  • Take your time to get more information about chances to get really rare skins

2. Setting specific goals:

  • Identify the CS2 skins or sets of skins that you wanted to get from the cases
  • Consider the cost of these Skjins and your budget before the case opening
  • You should know, if the site you want to play have the Skin Changer option (for example, SkinClub and HellCase)

3. Budget management:

  • Set a limit on the amount of money you are willing to spend on opening cases (monthly, weekly or daily)
  • Divide your budget into several sessions to avoid rash actions or gambling addiciton

4. Market research and statistics:

  • Study the case prices, drop chances on drop-rates
  • Analyze the dynamics of CS2 skins and the popularity of different types of items (knives, awps, etc)

5. Planning before CS2 case opening:

  • Distribute your time and resources between different types of cases
  • Think about when you'll be most likely to receive valuable items (for example, during special events or promotions)

6. Risk minimization:

  • Set a limit on the number of CS2 cases you want to open per session
  • Remember that CS2 case opening is a random action, so be prepared that you won’t always be able to get the skin you want
  •  Analye chances you have to get a CS2 skin you want before going to a site
  • Get a promo code on drop-rates.com to get additional bonus, i will save your money

7. Community Engagement:

  • Grab any bonus you could get in social medias of CS2 case opening sites
  • Take part in giveways to win a few skins time to time (you will have a chance to exchange them)


Case opening cases in CS2 is a fun process that can bring you a lot of joy and opportunity. You should know that it's always a risk. You should NEVER, really never play, if you have a gambling addiction. By following our GUIDE, you will be able to increase the number of CS2 skins you receive and improve your experience of CSGO case opening. Good luck and have fun!

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